Welcome to Facebook Censorship Sucks and Fact Checking Facebook!

These websites were created in 2020 after I got tired of being repeatedly censored and fact checked every time I posted something on Facebook. But of course, if you complain about Facebook's censorship on Facebook, what do you get? CENSORED. So I decided there needed to be a place where people could gripe about Facebook without any censorship, or fact checking. We offer absolute freedom of speech here.

Just days after registering the domain, even before I had uploaded anything to the site, Facebook dropped legal threats in my inbox. Even though my information on the domain registration is protected, Facebook was able to get my protected information and send me threats. I know how Facebook got the information, Appdetex knows how Facebook got the information, but that is a story for another day.

Well we are not in Facebook's yard here, this is my yard and Mark can't censor this website, but of course he has the lawyers try to strong arm me via email. (You can read the threats and my reply to them on the legal page)

I have posted the link to the website on Facebook several times. Not surprisingly, it was hidden from view and didn't get manay likes. Then in November of this year Facebook suddenly disabled my account, and they said it was for a meme I posted 3 years ago in 2018. Yeah right, we all know better. The meme was found by their AI because no one on Facebook scrolls back 3 years on someone's page to find a meme. Congratulations Mark, you taught a machine to be triggered. It says "review requested" when I try to log in, but after more than a month it's cleatly not likely to be "reviewed".

They could have just left me alone. They swear up and down they are a "platform" and not a "publisher" ... so why are they so concerned about what we post if they aren't liable for it?

Welcome to my yard. There is no censorship here, and no fact checking either.

Facebook may not like it, and I sincerely hope they don't. Sorry Mark, tough shit. Take your Lanham Act and stick it.

We do things the RIGHT WAY here, not the LEFT WAY!

Last but not least, the content, and the memes and images posted on this website are comedy and parody, and are not to be taken seriously or cause any butthurt.

Call your social worker if you get triggered by memes and comedy.